Yoga twists!

Twists and rotations

Get ready for some twisting and turning! This week, classes will be full of twists and rotations. Twists and rotations are the best asanas for your spine, hips, shoulders, abdomen, ribcage, but first and foremost they have a great effect on your blood circulation and internal organs.

Benefits of twists on a physical level

Twisting poses restore your spine’s natural range of motion, they stimulate blood circulation and cleanse your inner organs. While holding a twist for a few breaths, organs are being compressed and will “push out” the blood filled with metabolic by-products and toxins. On release of the twist, fresh, oxygen-rich blood flows into the tissues to start restoration and healing.

Benefits of twists on a mental level

On a mental level: during the twist, bring your focus to the inner center of your body and you will experience the mental benefit of the twist: While everything around you is moving in different directions, you can stay focused on that what is important to you.

Remember: breathe in, lengthen, breathe out, twist….

Hope to see you all on the mat this week!


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